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Reviews (24)
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cảm ơn likesasap một trang web tuyệt vời giúp tôi có thêm thu nhập
Oct 29, 2014

i like this web site :)
i am really glad to have known about likesasap , its very wonderful web site and its help me well . thank you
Jun 21, 2014

Good jobs
thanks for you, increase likes in my fanspage facebook..
Apr 25, 2014

Seif Hassine
This is an awesome site to get more fans, get popular, earn money, advertise and more features! Omg im really satisfied with it! + the owner is really honest :D!
Apr 17, 2014

Not working bad
i have add site for google + but i saw no progress but reduce my points. i have add for like & saw increase like but some time later the like discrease ... it is not accepting
Mar 17, 2014

Really it's a amazing site for earn money
Really it's a amazing site for earn money, Very Well & We can trust the Owner he is really honest
Mar 6, 2014

It's really amazing and awesome
It's is the best site for increase fan or many . I like it.
Jan 23, 2014

recommend to all
This site is the best site for exchange like, G+, tweet...follow... I spend on this for my site I earn money from it, too.
Dec 24, 2013

Totallt real and i enjoyed it!
Nov 2, 2013

it works
This site is great for get facebook likes, shares and twitter followers too.Recommended!
Oct 30, 2013

Real Social Exchange Site
One of the best social exchange sites ever.easy & fast registration. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Oct 25, 2013

mark ksas
amazing site
for grow your following with real people !!
Oct 25, 2013

everybody should join this website
I love likesasap website which is 100% free earning system for each one. Everybody should join this website, it is easy to navigate.
Oct 25, 2013

Zareen Khan
Best Paid Website
Hi I am very new in this online earning thing but now its almost 4 months ago & i checked hundreds of website. but undoubtedly is the best one and had the quickest of paid service. Till date i earned almost 6$ from this but i am very satisfied and happy with this website. LIKESASAP.COM THE FASTEST WAY TO EARN ONLINE
Oct 23, 2013

Mansoor Ahmad
Good System but Boring UI
Your liking system such as "Recommend" button is too fast but you website UI is too boring, just update and improve your website and add new colors new backgrounds, CSS effects etc so it will also attract users but in terms of liking your Website is way better than Add ME
Oct 21, 2013

its ok
site keeps talking for ever to load i think ill stick with using
Oct 20, 2013

Aasma shah
must join this best earning platform
i love likesasap site 100% free earning platform for every one and i always got paid and admin is really honest and you can multiply your earning by refer to other peoples :) regard
Oct 20, 2013

A very good site.
this site is very awsome if you want to get likes or earn money. hats off!
Oct 19, 2013

Somanath Yadavalli
Very good
Hey man! It's good to see such a site. Well Done. Cheers!
Oct 19, 2013

Trexie Reviewer
Bloated Very Slow
The whole site is bloated, very slow loading and get lots of error on social exchanges. Site is same on LikesPlanet no Originality or vice versa.
Oct 17, 2013

More Should join
More people should join this site, it's easy to use ,and you can click everyday for points or cash.Great one.
Oct 17, 2013

va multumesc si spr la munca accest sait este serios si plateste atunci cand ajungi la 0,70 .. succes 1
Sep 12, 2013

Best webite going for likes. easy to use and flawless id reccomend it to anyone looking for feer likes orpaid likes
Sep 10, 2013

facebook likes
thank you for free likes
Aug 28, 2013

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